HRTS undergrad courses for fall 2023

Aug. 1, 2023
Fall 2023 Human Rights Practice undergraduate courses

Fully-online undergraduate courses in Human Rights Practice for Fall 2023

Fall Session 1 (August-October)

HRTS 200: Introduction to Human Rights -- Gen Ed course

HRTS/GWS 320: Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights 

HRTS 495a/595a: Human Rights across Contexts: Cultural Heritage Protection  -- Newly opened to undergrads


Fall Session 2 (October-December)

HRTS 300: Human Rights in the United States -- Gen Ed course

HRTS495a/595a: Human Rights across Contexts: The Human Rights of LGBT Persons  

HRTS 496a/596a: Human Rights Crises and Trauma  -- Newly opened to undergrads

HRTS 496b/596b: Cutting-Edge Advances in Human Rights Practice -- Documenting Human Rights Abuses Through Forensic Anthropology -- Newly opened to undergrads


For more information about any of these courses, email: You can also read more about the BA major and minor in Human Rights Practice.