Minor and Undergraduate Certificate in Human Rights Practice

Minor Requirements

The Human Rights Practice BA minor requires a minimum of 18 units, 9 of which must be upper-level.  At least three of the following courses (9 units) are required. 

  • HRTS 200: Introduction to Human Rights (3 units)
  • HRTS 250: Current Issues in Human Rights (3 units)
  • HRTS 300: Human Rights in the United States (3 units) 
  • HRTS 305: Human Rights Stories (3 units)
  • HRTS/GWS 320: Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights (3 units)
  • HRTS 402: Skills for Human Rights Work (3 units)

Also required are 9 additional upper-division Human Rights Practice electives; these can be derived from the 300 or 400-level courses listed on the HRTS major webpage and that have not been taken as core courses. 

With the pre-approval of the program, some courses transferred from other institutions or taken in other UArizona departments may be eligible to be substituted for HRTS electives. Undergraduate students in senior status with at least a 3.0 GPA may be eligible to take HRTS graduate courses (i.e., those numbered 500 and above) for undergraduate credit. 

Undergraduate Certificate

An Undergraduate Certificate in Human Rights Practice is also available to Main Campus UArizona students (although not yet those enrolled through AZ Online). The Undergraduate Certificate mirrors the BA minor but is 12 units (6 units of required courses and 6 units of electives). Interested undergraduates should contact their advisor about this option.