• "Border Dynamic" is a statue of a wall with people on either side pushing against each other against the wall

    " Border Dynamic" Designed by Alberto Morackis and Guadalupe Serrano, represents human division when walls are built, specifically on the border. Located outside the Harvill Building at UA.

  • Future Borders

    Fronteras del futuro - Courtesy of Ana Maria Vasquez and the Border Patrol Victims Network.

  • Zero Tolerance - Photo by William Paul Simmons 

About our program

  • About our program


  • A large group of students gathered in a half circle having a discussion


  • Three Students Viewing looking at laptops



Welcome to The Human Rights Practice Program

The wholly online Masters degree and graduate certificate in Human Rights Practice are professionally oriented programs designed to provide participants with the foundational knowledge, critical perspectives, and practical skills to advance human rights around the globe.

Students will graduate with a portfolio of applied work, a large network of contacts, and marketable skills for the practice and application of human rights.

Students in the program will help produce white papers, webinars, shadow reports, and other forms of human rights work.

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Featured Courses

In this 3-credit course taught by Amalia C. Mora, students will acquire skills to critically analyze the #metoo movement as both an outgrowth of intersectional, anti-violence feminism as well as a moment that has emerged out of a very specific cultural and political climate. Guest speakers include renowned scholars, artists, and activists from India and the US.
Featured Guest Speakers in 2018


Leonard Hammer, Director of Outreach and Program Development, Human Rights Practice Graduate Programs, attended a workshop on cultural heritage protection at NATO headquarters in Belgium, meeting with stakeholders from Europe and the USA. The discussions proved fruitful in offering insight into... read more

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