B.A. Human Rights Practice

Bachelor of Arts

Human Rights Practice

Earn a B.A. not only in the theory but in the applied practice of Human Rights to help you address the most urgent problems facing today’s world.

About the Online Program

Human right challenges – and opportunities – abound around the world. The B.A. in Human Rights Practice will provide you with the knowledge, insights and skills needed to contribute to a more just and equal world.

Coursework in the Human Rights Practice major will enable you to gain a broad understanding of human rights issues around the globe while also offering opportunities to focus on the topics, groups, and locations that concern you the most. The curriculum emphasizes acquiring the practical capabilities that will enable you to work with an organization aligned with the principles of human rights and your own personal and professional commitments to social justice.


Earning the B.A. in Human Rights Practice will build core capabilities including:

  • foundational knowledge
  • critical perspectives  
  • writing competencies
  • advocacy skills
  • analytical abilities
  • grant writing
  • testimony gathering
  • documentary production
  • experience in “real-world” contexts


Graduates with a BA in Human Rights Practice will be prepared for careers in local, national, and international governmental and non-governmental organizations working on human rights and social justice issues. The program also prepares students for enrollment in law schools or graduate programs that focus on human rights issues, as well as other public and private sector jobs engaged with social issues and vulnerable populations. Human Rights Practice students have access to all of the University of Arizona's career development resources. Key career fields related to Human Rights Practice include:

  • Government
  • Human rights projects
  • Civil rights organizations
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Research consultancies
  • Issue advocacy
  • Social justice campaigns
  • Political affairs
  • Diplomacy and international affairs
  • Legal services
  • Policy programs
  • Media


Courses in the B.A. in Human Rights Practice offer extensive interaction between students and leading practitioners from around the globe through several video conferences in each course. Project-based learning enables students to complete real-world projects alongside work with community members through independent studies, internships, and the Capstone course. 

Note that Human Rights Practice undergraduate students may also be eligible to apply their coursework towards participation in the University of Arizona's Peace Corps Prep Certificate Program. Some HRTS undergrad courses may also be applied towards the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) and Bachelor of Global Studies (GLS) degrees. In addition, the University of Arizona Graduate College offers exceptional undergraduate students the opportunity to earn both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in as few as 5 years through the Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) in Human Rights Practice.

The curriculum includes the courses listed below. For further information, please see the page on the Human Rights BA Major and Minor Requirements.