"Trauma and Human Rights Crises" course to be offered in fall semester

June 21, 2023


HRTS 496A/596A:
Human Rights Crises & Trauma

Fully online course -- 7 weeks, Fall session 2 (Oct 12-Dec 6)

This course will explore trauma and secondary trauma sequelae of human rights violations.  We will examine what causes trauma and other lingering harms that violence and war, social and economic exclusion can bring to people and societies.

We will explore how people manage and recover from trauma symptoms and PTSD related to human rights violations—including acute violations associated with torture and war/refugee flight sequelae, and long-term violations associated with colonialism, marginalization, exclusion, racism, discrimination, and structural violence. Students will learn ways to handle secondary trauma and burnout they may experience in human rights practice, including mindfulness, meaning, beauty, nature immersion, and support groups.

The course features guest speakers, films, readings, lectures, short videos, and weekly, zoom “happy hours” for those wishing real-time discussion opportunities. Students will submit weekly reflection pieces and complete a final project of their choosing.

This course offered by the Program in Human Rights Practice has no prerequisites and is open to all UA undergraduate and graduate students from AZ Online, Main Campus, and Global Direct. For more info, please contact the instructor Dr. Mette Brogden at metteb@arizona.edu