Graduate Certificate in Human Rights and Documentary Media - Student Testimonials

These are comments made by graduates of the program based on their experiences studying Human Rights Practice at the University of Arizona.

I wanted to go to film school (which I did) but then I wanted to pursue a career in Human Rights- I wasn't sure how I could do both (this class shows me many ways I could do both). I don't need to give up one or the other; I think combining the two may even create greater impact.  

--Ruchama Ehrenheit 

I think as a human rights practitioner what is really game changing for me is the structure you can build around a film to help it be a catalyst for awareness, justice, change, healing and self-actualization.  

--Christina Vanoverbeke 

Engaging with different forms of human rights documentaries and having the chance to hear directly from filmmakers was a great opportunity to learn about the production and outcomes of these projects. The knowledge I gained during this course will be very beneficial in my aspirations to become a human rights photojournalist! 

--Emma Misiaszek 

One of the major things we talk about in this program is listening and hearing the voices of the marginalized and making them equal partners in the process of creating a solution. Film can and should play a vital role in this process.  

--Charles Peterson 

I feel so much more educated and informed and switched on as a result of the work we did together in this class.  I am excited to bring what I learned to the legal profession and to the movement of justice for indigenous peoples in the U.S. and ultimately around the globe.   

--Susan F. Filan 

In undergrad, I read and watched peoples work, and it inspired me to take on projects. There is something entirely different being able to hear them talk about why they started a project, or how they became a filmmaker.  Hearing about their failures and the truth about the field was more impactful and valuable than just reading and watching. Everyone we talked to inspired me to find what makes me tick and how I want to portray stories and more importantly they gave me the fire to actually do it.  

--Tia Hinz