Yolanda Yazzie

Human Rights Practice MA alum
She, her, hers

I decided to join the Human Rights Practice because there is extraordinarily little interest in this area throughout the Native American community. I do not know very many students, candidates or employees who are Native Americans and work in Human Rights Practice. The few people that I have heard of are from articles I have read. I feel I could have influence in the Native American communities but also bring to light the disadvantages that Native Americans face daily.

In my previous classes, for my bachelor’s degree, I had three professors who were very encouraging. I liked their teaching methods and enjoyed their classes. One of the professors had emailed me and asked if I was planning to apply to the master’s program. I told her I was not thinking about it, but she was very adamant about me applying. She thought I would make an excellent candidate. I thought about it for a while, I weighed out the pros and cons. I thought if a professor had that much faith in me, then I should have the same faith in myself, so I applied.

With my master’s degree, I plan to work for Native American communities and develop a system or program that will help all who feel they have been neglected or forgotten.