Warda Belkass

Human Rights Practice MA student
Warda Belkass
she, her, hers

I started volunteering with different NGOs at the age of 15, and this ignited in me a keen interest and love for human rights and social justice. It also exposed me to the various challenges vulnerable populations face, how limited existing social frameworks can be, and the dire need for passionate and effective human rights practitioners.

I am passionate about promoting women in leadership roles, challenging patriarchal norms, and protecting women’s health. I am also interested in the daily threats, discrimination, and racism that minorities face in all regions of the world. I strongly believe pursuing a Master’s in human rights will arm me with the necessary tools and skills needed to help individuals and communities affected by human rights violations.

My first MA degree is in Linguistics and I previously worked in Tourism, Education, and Retail. However my real interest has always been in social justice and I am so happy I finally got the opportunity to follow my passion.