Neish McLean

Co-Founder, TransWave Jamaica

Neish McLean is a queer transmasculine activist and philanthropist who is deeply invested in community care, movement resourcing and healing justice. Neish brings almost ten years of trans organizing and movement building experience to philanthropy.  Neish serves as the Chair for the Nominations and Governance Committee at the International Planned Parenthood Federation and holds grantmaking advisory roles with GiveOut and the ACTIF Fund. Neish is currently the Associate Director for the International Fund at Astraea Foundation.

Neish’s experience, though global, is deeply rooted in the Caribbean which is where their activism thrived.  As the Co-Founder of TransWave Jamaica, Neish helped to shift the landscape for trans activism within Jamaica while also providing technical support to organizations across the Caribbean region. 

Neish is a sports fitness and adventure enthusiast who also enjoys traveling, cooking, photography and writing poetry. Neish holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management.