Lauren Schram

Human Rights Practice MA student
Lauren Schram
she, her hers

I am extremely interested in creating and maintaining equitable living conditions for marginalized populations.  I have a heart for the African people and I have been very interested in hearing about the work that has been done in the different regions of Africa.  I also care deeply for my community and I see so many things that could be done differently and more equitably.  There is a lack of empathy and understanding about topics of human rights in my community and I feel like it is something that could change.  I know it will not be easy as the area of the state I live in is quite conservative and used to things being done a certain way.  However, I think working with our young people could have a very positive impact on changing the way things work here.  

A few years ago, I had been out of school for about 10 years when I decided I wanted to finish my BA degree.  I was learning more and more about human rights and I realized it was my true passion.  I wanted a broader and deeper understanding of human rights issues and human rights work.  When she sent me information about the University of Arizona's Human Rights Practice BA, it looked like the perfect degree for me.  After my first quarter, I knew I was in the right degree program.  I loved the small classes and the ability to talk to fellow classmates around the country and the world.  The professors were not only teaching, they were in the field.  I loved being able to follow their work in different parts of the world as a part of my education.  I also appreciated the classes on current events, like the war in Ukraine.  I decided to follow up my BA with the Master's program because I felt like I could get even more understanding of human rights issues and hopefully find the niche that I follow as I move into the workforce.

I am very passionate about human rights issues in our world.  It started out with a focus on the US.  I grew up fairly sheltered from the realities of the world.  I knew the basics that are taught in public schools -- which I now know were selective and from the white man’s perspective.  So as my eyes were opened to the realities of injustice, I knew I could not stay in my bubble.  I needed and wanted to learn as much truth as possible in an attempt to create change.  I refuse to be silent.  However, as I stand up for people’s rights, I also want to be educated, because I feel like that is something that is missing from a lot of the arguments happening these days.  I truly believe that education is one of the greatest tools available to us and if we can learn from and teach others, there is hope for change to happen.  

Outside of school, I love to read, to write, and to watch sports and be outside.  I love coaching high school track and cross country and I feel like my role as a coach is one that could be very influential.  I love my family and where I live.  I have a chronic headache disorder that I have to battle every day, but I am determined to use my pain to grow my empathy for others and my perseverance.  I am excited to be in this program!