Kelsey Flores

Human Rights Practice MA student
she, her, hers

I am interested in learning about the cultural roots that undermine girls and women in their communities yet encourage them to get married and pregnant. I am interested in the indigenous people living in countries where colorism is prominent. For example, dark-skinned Latinos are seen as inferior compared to light-skinned Latinos. I am interested in understanding how religion affects women’s rights. I am interested in how the education system in the United States can be improved to provide a better learning environment for children with neurodivergent disorders. I chose this topic because I have a brother with autism and ADHD and I would love to learn more about what I can do to make learning more fun for him. I have a lot of interests and I hope that through this program I will be able to learn more about them.

After I graduated from the University of Washington I took a year break to figure out what I wanted to do after. I knew I wanted a Master’s but I didn’t know what. As an older sister, I have empathetic traits and I knew I wanted to have a career that helps others. I wanted a program that connects to the humanitarian field and so finding out that the University of Arizona has a program in Human Rights Practice, I knew I wanted to apply. I chose this program because it allows me to actively participate in our lectures, such as writing papers, and I get to learn about different perspectives from the other students, professors, and guest speakers.

I am an older sister of four. I am Mexican-American. My favorite animal is a Great White Shark and I love pepperoni pizza. My favorite song (as of right now) is "Give" by Sleep Token.