Kah Walla

Entrepreneur, Activist and Political Leader from Cameroon

Cameroonian political leader, activist, and entrepreneur Kah Walla is internationally recognized for her expertise in leadership and strategy, her understanding of Africa’s development issues, and her strong stance for its women and youth. Part of Africa’s new generation of political leaders, Kah proposes bold, innovative solutions for the continent’s problems based on over twenty years-experience working on economic, social, and political issues in over twenty-five countries across Africa.

Her focus is on political transitions that enable countries to go from decades of autocratic rule towards governance that is democratic, inclusive, and equitable in the distribution of resources and access to opportunity. Developing models that will enable citizens who have been deprived of their rights for decades to go through a “healing” process that enables them to redefine citizenship, step into their power, and exercise both their rights and duties within a democratic framework that takes into account their particular history and culture.