Jaime Mejia Mayorga

Adjunct Instructor, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

Jaime F. Mejia Mayorga is an educator, researcher, and English language teacher from Honduras. His research privileges Indigenous ways and Indigenous knowledge and explores the intersection of Indigeneity and English Language Teaching. His expertise intersects multilingual education (Indigenous Language Work; Global Englishes; Second Language Writing), multicultural education (the intersection of Language, Culture, and Identity; Culturally Responsive Teaching), and international education (Transnational Academic Program Administration). His expertise also includes teacher education and faculty support as well as curriculum and instructional design to prioritize students' success and wellbeing (Universal Design for Learning; Quality Matters). In addition to honoring his Indigeneity as Indigenous Chorotega and his experiences as someone who comes from Honduras, Dr. Mejia Mayorga's academic work privileges a relational paradigm to research, service, and teaching as well as the experiences of English language learners and teachers in moving upward towards social, economic, and academic mobility.