Hanna Royer

Human Rights Practice MA student
Hanna Royer
she, her, hers

My main area of interest in the Human Rights Practice is Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. I have a focus in the Israel and Palestine region, since the conflict has been ongoing for years, and it is impacting people on both sides. There are a lot of factors in the conflict such as history, and politics, and it interests me because of the perspective that shapes the human interaction and societies. Intersectionality plays a big picture in the conflict because of history and politics that intertwine.

I decided to enroll in the Human rights program because I wanted to build and expand on my experience from my previous graduate school experience. I feel like the University of Arizona will provide me the skill sets that I will need to continue with my future career. I graduated from Oregon State University with BA in History and from Gallaudet University with MA in International Development, and am fluent in American Sign Language.