Connie Bracewell

Human Rights Practice MA student
Connie Bracewell
she, her, hers

I am currently an 8th grade English Language Arts teacher and a college English instructor in North Carolina, where much of our farming and service sectors are solidly upheld by the work of immigrant and migrant workers. However, as is the case in communities across the United States, there is a great deal of prejudice and push-back in relation to these members of our society. Their ability to have a respected place in the United States and for their contributions to be valued are central to my desire to study human rights practice. I wish to be a stronger and learned advocate for this population. 

Having previously lived in and conducted graduate studies within Tucson for a good dozen years, as well as having otherwise lived for periods of time in the Tucson area and worked in both adult and youth education, I am aware of the powerful forces pushing for a fair seat at the table for immigrant and migrant peoples within the academic population of Arizona. I have watched how social change has taken place within Tucson in particular, largely due to the influences of the University of Arizona. This is a key reason that I am passionate about my next educational steps taking place within the U of A learning community. My own home state of North Carolina is not as progressive on behalf of these immigrant and migrant communities and my hope is to carry over the spirit of inclusion and acceptance that is found in Tucson and at the U of A to the adolescent and adult communities in my own state.

Over the course of 20+ years, I have pursued many areas of graduate learning. Some of this has been for vocation and some for the pure joy of learning. I am the very definition of a ‘life-long learner’ and find enormous satisfaction in sharing all that I learn with the world around me. I hold three masters degrees (English, Adult Training and Development, and Theological Studies) and am doing doctoral work in both Biblical Exposition and English. I also work full-time and will now engage in studies at UA Online. Over the course of two decades in education, I have taught at Tier 1 universities, masters-granting universities, private colleges, community colleges, fully online universities, and both middle and high school. I love learning and sharing what I learn!