Bradford Conroy


"Human Rights Practice gave me the tools I need to further advocate for the advancement of human rights both in and out of the workplace." Passionate about developing human rights practices in the private sector, working as Human Rights Manager at Bayer Corporation in Washington D.C. while enrolled in our program, meet scholar Bradford Conroy, (he/him/his).

A veteran volunteer for and defender of LGBTQ human rights, Bradford has combined his undergraduate studies in agricultural science and education with his desire to contribute to a better world.

A first-generation high school and college graduate, Bradford rose rapidly through management positions at Bayer. Still, he wanted to understand better how to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, established in 2015, while continuing full-time work.

With a diverse and skilled faculty, our fully online courses fulfilled Bradford's desire to understand the legal and advocacy mechanisms that hold private sector businesses accountable to workers' needs. Bradford says he appreciates the space to grow and learn while developing networks with diverse and motivated fellow students.

Bradford's experience in Human Rights Practice cements a commitment to a lifetime effort to improve human rights. We are so proud of Bradford, another dedicated scholar and human rights advocate in the Human Rights Practice program!