Aaron Womack

Human Rights Practice BA student
Aaron Womack
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I’m drawn to the Human Rights Practice program because I want to take meaningful action for others in a future that will increasingly require more of us to do so, and I want to make meaning for my own life in the process. I believe we all have a right to life essentials and need them in place before we can focus on self development and actualization. I would like to be a part of fighting for those rights for as many people as possible, preferably in areas where need is the greatest. I’m especially drawn to refugee rights, reclamation of taken rights and further progression of civil rights in the U.S., and expansion of civilian protections during conflict/wartime ethics.

I enrolled in the Human Rights Practice BA at the University of Arizona because I was looking for a program that could help me transition into a second career focused on service work. I hesitated when it came to non-profit management, political science, and international relations focuses. The Human Rights Practice program spoke to me when I found it. It aligns with my passion and naturally enjoyed learning focus.

My life is about my dog, music, the sun, continued returns to simplicity, and hopefully acceptance more times than not.