Upcoming courses on Documentary Media and Human Rights

June 18, 2023

Documentary Media and Human Rights -- Graduate Courses in Fall 2023

FTV 544: Documentary Production (Fall 2023 Session 1: Aug 21 – Oct 11)
(3 units) Lisa Molomot, MFA
An introduction to documentary filmmaking for students with diverse academic backgrounds and research interests. The course is designed to serve students with no prior production training, as well as those with experience. Students will acquire and further strengthen camera, sound and editing skills, and learn to conceptualize, develop, shoot and edit short documentary projects geared toward their research interests. The course is structured primarily as a workshop to support the development, production and postproduction of your projects. A significant amount of time will be devoted to individual meetings to develop and workshop your work in progress. We will also have video lectures, class discussions, weekly readings, production exercises and assignments to strengthen your knowledge of documentary filmmaking.

HRTS 541: Advancing Human Rights Through Documentary Media (Fall 2023 Session 2: Oct 12-Dec 6) (3 units) Beverly Seckinger, MFA
This course surveys current models for making and using documentary media in the service of human rights practice and activism. Interrogating concepts such as witness, testimony and evidence, historical memory, trans-media storytelling and convergence, strategic partnerships and impact campaigns, and emergent participatory frameworks, the course explores a variety of approaches to media production, exhibition, distribution and advocacy. Each course module includes interactions with filmmakers and/or media activists in the field via video conferencing; exploring media products such as films, websites and online tutorials; and critical and practical readings. Students will develop term projects in consultation with the instructor.

About the Instructors
Lisa Molomot, MFA, a graduate of the American Film Institute, is an American documentary producer, director and editor whose work has aired on PBS series such as Independent Lens and has been seen at film festivals all over the U.S., including Sundance, SXSW, New Directors, New Films and DOC NYC. To read more, visit: https://humanrightspractice.arizona.edu/people/lisa-molomot. For further information about the course, please email lmolomot@email.arizona.edu

Beverly Seckinger, MFA is Distinguished Outreach Professor in the School of Theatre, Film & Television. She is a founding member of the UA Committee (now Institute) for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies, and since 1993 has directed the annual Lesbian Looks Film Series. She is also the founding director of the DocScapes Film Series. To read more, visit: https://humanrightspractice.arizona.edu/people/beverly-seckinger. For further information about the course, please email bsecking@email.arizona.edu

Both Molomot and Seckinger are active members of New Day Films, the leading filmmaker-owned distribution company for social issue documentaries.

The Graduate Certificate in Human Rights and Documentary Media The 18-unit Graduate Certificate in Human Rights and Documentary Media integrates the study of documentary media production, outreach and impact with legal, historical, journalistic and other perspectives, and provides extensive opportunities for students to interact with professionals from around the globe.  We work closely with a growing network of distinguished filmmakers, media activists and human rights media organizations including Skylight, WITNESS, New Day Films and nDigiDreams.  The Graduate Certificate is open to enrolled graduate students from throughout UA.  To read more, visit: https://humanrightspractice.arizona.edu/human-rights-and-documentary-media-certificate