UArizona HRTS to co-sponsor Certificate Course on the Rohingya Crisis

June 1, 2021

A Certificate Course on the Rohingya Crisis will be organized by Center for Peace Studies (CPS), SIPG, North South University and The Human Rights Practice Program at The University of Arizona from June 19 to September 4, 2021.

This 11-week course will look at the dynamics of the national, bilateral, regional, and global politics and policies including economic and security issues related to the Rohingya crisis. It will also examine the history and culture of the Rohingya, their identity construction amid their statelessness, as well as the legal, moral, and ethical dimensions of issues such as peacebuilding and social cohesion, etc. It will also include issues such as accountability and justice, policy options, role of the diaspora, involvement of international agencies and the 3 UN. The course will offer a practical component that includes visiting the Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar.

Specific Objectives

• Developing a better understanding of the Rohingya crisis
• Gaining knowledge on the context, and geopolitics of the Rohingya crisis
• Critically analyzing the national, bilateral, regional, and global politics and policies related to the Rohingya crisis

Expected Outcome of the Course

In this course, participants will acquire knowledge about the Rohingya issue from academics, researchers, and practitioners. This knowledge will help them to analyze how issues related to politics and policies are embedded in the Rohingya crisis. They will also improve their understanding about how the Rohingya crisis is not simply a humanitarian crisis, rather a problem rooted deeply in history, politics and power. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Better understand the complex nature and impacts of the Rohingya crisis. • Develop critical perspectives on geopolitics and policies related to the Rohingya crisis.
• Evaluate critically the actions undertaken by different stakeholders – nationally and globally – to resolve the crisis.
• Examine possible alternatives for a solution to this crisis.

Target Audience
• Professionals (NGO and government officials, journalists, academicians, diplomats, etc.) • Students who wish to gain knowledge on the Rohingya issue
• People seeking a career in the area of migration and forced displacement Approach/ structure:
 Interactive discussions, Questions and Answer
• Field visit/ Applied learning
•In-class exercises

For further information, please contact UArizona Human Rights Practice Program Director Bill Simmons at You can also visit the Center for Peace Studies webpage about the course.