"Talk Period: Stigma, Shame, Advocacy" webinar on menstrual activism

March 9, 2021
Talk Period flyer

As part of their studies, HRTS MA students Pemba Sherpa, Teresa Montenegro, and Daniela Maldonado organized a webinar on menstrual activism entitled ""Talk Period: Stigma, Shame, Advocacy." The purpose of the webinar was to give a voice to menstruation activists globally that have established their own practices to fight against menstruation stigma and shame. Our goal was to have speakers share their own methods that they’ve found to best address this issue and also share what obstacles or methods have not worked for them in the past. This would allow others to join the movement globally, connect and share ideas to further progress the movement towards abolishing harmful practices and empowering individuals to break the cycle of shame.

To read more and to view the recording, you can visit the website of Global Human Rights Direct