Students launch fundraiser for injured and homeless pets in Ukraine

Oct. 3, 2023
Hatul Madan dog eye exam
Dog being treated at Hatul Madan

Students from the University of Arizona's Human Rights Practice Program have partnered with students from Kyiv Polytechnic University in Ukraine to raise funds for lifesaving veterinary medical supplies for injured and abandoned dogs and cats. (GoFundMe link:

Hatul Madan Animal Shelter is committed to the well-being and care of around hundreds of animals from hotspots created by the Russian full-scale of Ukraine, where many pets have been harmed and left homeless. Hatul Madan is engaged in the evacuation and rescue of animals from the zones of active hostilities and occupied territories, the care and treatment of injured and abandoned cats and dogs in Ukraine, and the search for new families for them. You can read more about Hatul Madan at:

The organization began with a shelter for animals evacuated from the Kyiv region. The Kyiv Polytechnic Institute provided premises free of charge, and friends and volunteers installed the first kennels in an emergency mode in just a few days. It was a cold, unkind spring of 2022, and volunteers brought dozens of cats and dogs from the barbarously destroyed Irpin, Gostomel and Bucha. Hungry, sick, but alive.

Kitten at Hatul Madan

"Hatul Madan" ("Educated Cat" in Ukrainian) soon had a warehouse was full of pets who were lost, injured, and abandoned in the stress of wartime. Cats meowed, dogs barked. Some were waiting for a meeting with the old owners, someone were looking for new ones. Kittens were born in the kennels - fluffy children of war. The group was helped by volunteers and wonderful organizations, people from all over Ukraine and beyond. Hundreds of stories passed through our walls. Sad, scary and joyful. Today the shelter operates 24/7 and has served more than 1000 animals.

This Go Fund Me campaign will help Hatul Madan to acquire vital equipment and supplies such as an equipped operating room, a portable ultrasound machine, specialized medical food, and vital medicines and disease tests. 

To contribute, please visit the GoFundMe site for Saving Injured and Homeless Pets in Ukraine.