Prof. William Simmons joins UA delegation to COP 28 UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai

Dec. 6, 2023
COP 28 logo

As the world comes together for COP28, the Arizona Initiative for Resilience and International Development (AIRID) and the Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions (CCASS) have brought together multi-disciplinary experts from across the University of Arizona and scholars from the Global South who are a part of the Climate Adaptation Research Program (CARP) to form a delegation that bring their expertise to address and advance solutions towards a more resilient future.  One member of the delegation is Prof. William Simmons, Director of the Human Rights Practice Program. 

At the center of these efforts is a collaboration with the Global Resilience Partnership and the Resilience Hub, which serves as the primary pavilion for climate resilience and adaptation at COP28, with the overarching goal of steering the conversation and agenda around resilience and equitable solutions while amplifying regional voices. Through this collaboration, speaking opportunities for faculty have come together to provide a platform to share their expertise on an international stage.

Meet the University of Arizona COP28 Delegation:

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