Human Rights Practice Faculty Attends World Ayahuasca Conference

June 12, 2019
Rashid Iddrisu (Wari) at CEHDAGHANA migrant housing property

Rashid Iddrisu (Wari) at CEHDAGHANA migrant housing property, Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Catalonia, Spain, May, 2019

Mette Brogden, Assistant Professor of Practice, Human Rights Practice Programs, attended the World Ayahuasca Conference in May 2019, which brought together indigenous ayahuasqueros, ethnobotanical and mental health researchers, and human rights advocates to explore the impacts of ayahuasca practice on individuals, communities, societies, as well as efforts to protect Amazonian ecosystems from extractive industry encroachments. 

She also stopped in Barcelona to see the Catalonia projects of CEHDAGHANA with its founder, Rashid Iddrisu (Wari), a Ghanaian migrant to Spain in 2001 and guest lecturer for HRTS 597A (Migrant Journeys) and HRTS 502 (NGO II class).  The projects help African migrants meet basic needs while enduring the three-year residency waiting period to get work permits in Spain