Human Rights: The Gen Z Perspective

May 15, 2024
HRTS 250 -- The Gen Z Perspective

HRTS 250 | Current Issues in Human Rights: The Gen Z Perspective

Fully online course -- 7 weeks, Summer Session 2 (July-August)

Looking for an engaging summer course that covers modern-day topics and fulfills Gen Ed requirements? Join HRTS 250 where we will explore topics including social justice and climate change, gender and sexuality-based violence, the carceral state, and inequities in access to healthcare and education. In this course, your perspective matters! Share and learn alongside classmates as we seek to:


  • Recognize and draw connections between political, social, and historical factors that impact modern-day human rights violations
  • Understand the complexities of identities related to race and gender, and think critically about these relationships in the context of the modern political arena
  • Apply our knowledge to the world beyond the classroom to identify and advocate against current human rights abuses


HRTS 250 has no prerequisites and is open to all undergraduate students from AZ Online, Main Campus, and Global Direct. This course satisfies the Social Scientist General Education Requirement.

For more info, please contact the instructor Aviva Doery at