"Global Human Rights Direct" video archive and speakers bureau launched

July 31, 2021

Global Human Rights Direct is a videoconference speakers bureau and a living archive for human rights featuring videos, NGOs, testimonies, and human rights issues. Launched by UArizona Human Rights Practice Director Dr. William Simmons and colleagues from UArizona and beyond, GHRD is a place to make connections and hear from human rights experts from around the globe.

With GHRD you can:

  • Arrange for videoconferences with human rights experts
  • Add videos, NGOs, and testimonies to our searchable archive.
  • Provide your human rights testimony – in written form, audio, or video.
  • Learn more about important human rights issues
  • Publicize your human rights cause or organization.
  • Challenge your current understandings of human rights
  • Learn more about how you can contribute to stopping human rights abuses

The site will allow you to set up video conferences with people who have first-hand knowledge and eye-witness accounts of human rights violations, legal interventions, protest efforts, recovery initiatives, and other local, national, and global actions related to human rights. As the GHRD website notes:

"It doesn’t take more than a quick glance at news headlines to see a terrible fact: human rights are being threatened in every part of the globe. But, behind these headlines, there are groups of people working to stop human rights abuses. They are survivors, activists, scholars, translators, and policymakers from around the world who want to build connections, share their knowledge, and create solutions. Through the virtual networking and information sharing platforms of Global Human Rights Direct, they can do just that.

You can be part of this network, too.  Register today to make an impact on human rights.  Once you register, you can add to our archives and sign up to be a virtual guest speaker."