Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights Courses in Spring 2023

Nov. 21, 2022

Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights Courses in Spring 2023

Spring Session 1: January 11-March 3, 2023

HRTS 250: Current Issues in Human Rights—Offering a special focus this semester on “Reproductive Rights and Justice after Roe v. Wade” New focus!

HRTS 495a/595a: Human Rights Across Contexts: The Human Rights of LGBT Persons --Reviewing the global toll of homophobia and transphobia and how international human rights institutions and activists can respond

HRTS 521: Community-Based Participatory Action Research for Gender-Based Violence – Implementing research to advance freedom from violence and prevent violence against women and LGBTQ+ communities


Spring Session 2: March 13-May 3, 2023

HRTS/GWS 320: Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights -- Advancing understanding of the legal, medical, and social dimensions of gendered violence New course! Cross-listed with Gender and Women’s Studies

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