Gauging the decoloniality of curriculum and pedagogy

March 14, 2023

A recording is now available from a seminar on "Developing an Instrument to Gauge the Decoloniality of Curriculum and Pedagogy" that was held on February 2, 2022.

The event, featuring Human Rights Practice Professors William Simmons and Ana Cornide and program alum Victoria Vertein, was organized by the UA Center for University Education Scholarship (CUES), which sponsored this research study through a distinguished fellowship awarded to project lead investigator Prof. Simmons.

The seminar was focused on the Decolonial Pedagogy and Curriculum Inventory (DPCI), which consists of 92 items across 12 constellations that gauge the decoloniality of a pedagogy and curriculum. It can be used to assess entire programs or individual courses. This inventory aims to prompt further conversations about best practices in decolonial pedagogy and curriculum. 

The video -- as well as the DCPI, the presentation slideset, and more information about the event -- can be accessed using this link: