Check out some of the exciting courses we have been offering in 2019

June 12, 2019

HRTS 595A: Human Rights Across Context

Amalia Mora, Manager of Innovation and Engagement, Researcher forUA Consortium on Gender-Based Violence,taught a course comparing gender-based violence and the #MeToo movements in India and the US. She included several video guest speakers from both countries. 

HRTS 596B: Cutting Edge-Advances

Elisa Marchi taught a course on decolonization and human rights with an emphasis on water defenders.  She included video conferences from guest speakers in the Philippines, Peru, Colombia, and Canda.

HRTS 505: Huamn Rights Voices

Bill Simmons, Director of Human Rights Practice Graduate Programs, taught Human Rights Voices with an emphasis on the role of testimony in human rights work including such critical questions as: how does trauma affect personal testimonies?  What are best practices for representing testimonies in official reports, films, and artwork?  What does it take to change deeply held beliefs?  How do we address critical ethical and political issues in working with testimonies of marginalized peoples?

HRTS 511: Strategic Litigation 

The 511-Strategic Litigation course that ran in Spring II proved quite successful with students engaged in projects such as media campaigns for a Russian NGO -STIMUL - that works with LGBTQ+ refugees in Russia, a challenge before the European court on illicit organ harvesting in Russia, freedom of information challenges in India, clinic development in Kyrgyzstan, and combatting gender based violence in Alaska.