Faculty Research

The 50 faculty in the Human Rights Practice program are actively working on a broad range of critical human rights research topics across the globe including:

  • indigenous law
  • transitional justice
  • refugees and forced migration
  • cultural and religious heritage
  • U.S-Mexico border issues
  • human rights in Africa
  • gender-based violence
  • reproductive justice
  • human rights education
  • media and terrorism
  • victims' testimonies
  • innovative uses of human rights law
  • racial dynamics on college campuses nationally and internationally, 
  • environmental justice food and food systems
  • immigration
  • critical trauma studies
  • economic development and women's empowerment
  • LGBTQ rights
  • queer archiving
  • international crises
  • refugees
  • violence against journalists
  • facilitation of multi-stakeholder policy and activist processes
  • critical corruption studies
  • human rights in the Middle East, Francophone Africa,
  • the right to information

For more information on faculty research see our publications page.