HRTS 597A: Exploring Human Rights through Virtual Field Trips

A theme-based course in which students “complete” 2 or 3 virtual field trips dedicated to a chosen human rights topic or issue as experienced/understood in different parts of the world. An activist or scholar in a relevant location will host the field trip (along with the UA instructor) and arrange for video or audio interviews with key stakeholders, guest lectures, and a video tour of the location. Assigned readings and course discussions will tie together the disparate experiences. Example themes might be environmental changes or natural disasters and their aftermath, refugee and migrant reception and governance, or governmental action against NGOs. A concluding webinar features the field trip hosts, key stakeholders, and other relevant experts from around the globe. Each 7.5-week class will address a different human rights theme, with partial direction coming from external actors making the request for a focus on a specific issue. NOTE: This 3-credit course can be taken twice on different human rights themes.

Course Credits