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Suheir Rasul is the Director of Search for Common Ground’s (SFCG) Jerusalem office.  She joined the international conflict transformation organization in November 2008.  She is a first generation born Palestinian American from Ohio. Today, Suheir leads SFCG’s East Jerusalem office working on various conflict resolution initiatives for Israel and Palestine.  She also helps develop and lead media initiatives for SFCG in the MENA region, specifically the large project of developing the first independent Palestinian satellite channel to provide a local voice for the Palestinian public. She helps develop T.V. programs: the latest is a reality show for Palestinian youth called the President.  It is the first of its kind, combining the reality platform with a political and social message in which youth can aspire to be the next President.  The Washington Post, AP, CNN International, Reuters, Danish newspaper, and others have interviewed her regarding this innovative use of media for constructive change.  Other initiatives include documentaries titled Fire Lines and Under the Same Sun. Suheir also leads the SFCG Common Ground Journalism training initiative for journalists in the MENA region including, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunis, Bahrain, and Israel.

Suheir has an extensive media background, having worked with several Western media outlets as a journalist over many years, including CNN, NBC, and FOX.  She was Managing Editor of a large news broadcast network in the United States and also became an Instructor at the University of Memphis, Tennessee’s Journalism Department.

During her time as a journalist, Suheir won an Emmy for her local investigative journalism in Memphis in 1997.

Suheir has a B.A. in Journalism from Youngstown State University in Ohio and a M.A in Mass Communication from the University of Memphis, Tennessee.  She lives in Ramallah with her children and travels daily through the checkpoints to her SFCG office in East Jerusalem.  

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Suheir Rasul
Director, Search for Common Ground Jerusalem
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences