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Monica J. Casper, Ph.D. is Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Inclusion in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and Public Health at the University of Arizona. She is also an affiliated faculty member in the School of Sociology and in Africana Studies. She has published several books, including the award-winning The Making of the Unborn Patient: A Social Anatomy of Fetal Surgery; The Body: Social and Cultural Dissections; and Critical Trauma Studies: Understanding Violence, Conflict, and Memory in Everyday Life. Her current research projects focus on infant mortality and maternal health; traumatic brain injury; and elephant trauma and rescue. She is founding co-editor of the NYU Press book series “Biopolitics: Medicine, Technoscience, and Health in the 21st Century,” as well as a managing editor of The Feminist Wire and publisher of TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism. She is also a creative writer with publications in numerous literary journals. More information can be found at

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Monica Casper
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Inclusion, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Professor of Gender and Women's Studies and Public Health, The University of Arizona
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences