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I am currently a student in an EdD program in International and Multicultural Education with a concentration in Human Rights Education at the University of San Francisco. My original purpose of getting the graduate certificate in human rights at the U of A is to take courses to transfer for credit to USF. The courses being online saves me a lot of time, and the tuition is much cheaper. But I'm very interested in the courses (I plan to take 2 in the fall, I haven't taken any yet) because, while the subject matter is similar to my courses at USF, they courses themselves are very different and offer a different perspective on the various issues.

I'm a special education teacher in San Diego, working with deaf/hard-of-hearing students. The field of Human Rights and Human Rights Education is fairly new for me. Areas of interest fo research and/or future career plans are disability rights, education in conflict situations, refugee rights, and human trafficking of people with disabilities. 

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