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Amália Clarice Mora, Ph.D., has dedicated herself to the fight against gender violence in her research, activism, and creative pursuits. She received her Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from UCLA, conducting dissertation research on the relationship between sexual violence, racialized narratives on dancers and their bodies, and women who perform for tourists in Goa, India. Her background in and passion for music, dance, and writing has inspired her to participate in programs aimed at employing the arts and humanities in the pursuit of gender justice for a wide-variety of organizations. Since moving to Tucson in 2016, she has served as a Visiting Folklorist and Evaluator for the annual Tucson Meet Yourself festival, a researcher and writer for the Tucson Museum of Art, and a Research Fellow for the Southwest Folklife Alliance. Being mixed-race has deeply influenced both her professional and personal life; her current area of interest is the intersection between hegemonic beauty standards, interracial attraction, and the tensions and violences inherent within multiracial body politics. In Spring 2019, she will be teaching a course comparing the #metoo movements in the U.S. and India through the UA Human Rights Practice Program.

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Amália Mora
Manager of Innovation and Engagement, Researcher: UA Consortium on Gender-Based Violence
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences