Itzel Iñiguez

Iztel Iñiguez

I have always been interested in helping others and I have tried my best to volunteer as much as possible. I have been a volunteer with Tau-Sigma National Honor Society, Candlelighters of Southern Arizona, Make-A-Wish Foundation Arizona, Casa Alitas, Commission on the Status of Women and UA Global Experiential Learning (GEL). Human Rights has always been a passion of mine and when I found out about the Human Rights Practice program at the University of Arizona, I knew I had to transfer from the International Security Studies program. While being a student in the program I was an intern with Global Experiential Learning at the UofA. This unique program works with cultural centers and advocates for marginalized communities within the university. Working with GEL sparked new interests and now I hope to advocate and be able to create more opportunities and programs geared towards underrepresented students in higher education. I have enjoyed being a student with the Human Rights Practice program, the professors and staff have been extremely helpful and are passionate about their jobs and sharing their knowledge. This program touches on so many issues and brings awareness to issues happening all around the world.