Hillary Evans

M.A. Student

Hilary Evans

Hillary has worked in the homelessness and affordable housing field for over 13 years. From 2013-2016, Hillary was a Los Angeles leader in supportive housing for chronically homeless veterans, overseeing a team that assisted more than 1000 homeless veterans with securing permanent housing through a number of innovative programs. In 2014, Hillary created the first Los Angeles Veteran homeless outreach team dedicated solely to finding and housing Veterans ineligible for VA healthcare due to "bad papers." In 2015, Hillary became the Executive Director for Plymouth Healing Communities, a Seattle nonprofit that works to break the cycle of hospitalization and homelessness for people living with mental illness. 

Hillary is passionate about ensuring access to housing and health care for those most vulnerable on the streets, specifically people with criminal backgrounds related to their mental health or substance use. To this end, she has chaired and participated in numerous work groups on community coordinated entry efforts, ending homelessness and affordable housing legislation. 

Hillary currently works at the University of Arizona on an federal opioid overdose prevention grant. She holds a Masters from Fuller Seminary and a Harm Reduction certification from York University.  She is pursuing the Masters in Human Rights Practice hoping to apply her studies to the areas of homelessness, drug policy and criminal justice reform.